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REVIEW: Ain’t No Female Romeo | Lita Doolan Productions

6th-30th August | On Demand | YouTube | Get Tickets


An experimental one-woman show exploring the moving journey of a woman ghosted, reaching out on Instagram to find their lost love.

Lita Doolan really pushes what a monologue is in this production integrating every art form under the sun into this performance, mixing photos and film clips with video selfies to tell the story of a woman looking for answers.

The image work is beautiful juxtaposing street scenes with abstract moving patterns filmed from life. By retaining the sound of each piece of film the footage is edited in a jarring way to reflect the emotional rollercoaster taken by our heroine.

This modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet employs quotes from the original text alongside Instagram hashtags to aid with the storytelling together with really poignant monologues and spoken word style performance.

Doolan demonstrates there is a fine line between love and obsession, as she seeks (or stalks) her Romeo and gets to the bottom of her parting with such sweet sorrow.

The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • Taking William Shakespeare as a starting point means you’re already creating a talking point with a pre-existing audience, he is of course arguably the most prolific playwright of all time. There will always be people interested in the Baird so there will always be people interested in modern-day retellings or reinterpretations. After all, everyone remembers 10 Things I Hate About You.
  • Incorporating art forms from film to photography or parlance to poetry can only add to your performance and overall vision. Ain’t No Female Romeo may not use the latest editing techniques or the highest quality film but this only adds to the overall themes found within the show. So, don’t be scared if you’re not a tech wizard, or there’s only one of you to run the entire company, you can still create something magical.
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