Graduate and Student Service

Welcome to Graduate and Student Service – your virtual haven for insightful conversations and comforting chats over tea or coffee! 🍵☕

Embark on an hour-long online rendezvous with us, tailored exclusively for arts students and graduates navigating the exhilarating yet uncertain terrain of their futures. Whether you’re contemplating career paths, seeking guidance on the creative industries, or simply craving a friendly ear, we’re here to make your journey a bit warmer.

Our informal sessions create a welcoming space where you can explore your aspirations, ask burning questions, and share your thoughts with like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges of the arts. From navigating post-graduate decisions to delving into the vast realm of creative possibilities, we’re here to accompany you on your quest for clarity.

So, grab your favorite brew, join us for a cozy chat, and let’s weave a tapestry of inspiration, support, and shared experiences. Your future is as unique as your artistic fingerprint, and together, we’ll make sure it’s as bright and vibrant as your imagination!

Learn more by sending us an email or DM us on Instagram and we can get you booked in!

Unlock the door to your creative future without breaking the bank! Our Graduate and Student Service offers hour-long sessions filled with inspiration and guidance for just £39. And if you’re ready to dive deep into your journey, we’ve got an exclusive deal – book 5 sessions at once and enjoy a discounted rate, or maximize your support with 10 sessions for an even greater discount.

Invest in your artistic path with affordable, tailored conversations that go beyond the conventional. Sip your tea or coffee, share your dreams, and let’s navigate the world of arts and creativity together. Your artistic adventure awaits, and we’re here to make it both enriching and economical. 🌈💼☕