APP OF THE MONTH: QR Code Generator

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Name QR Code Generator
Product Description Easy to make QR codes for your business, available for loads of different purposes so your clients can easily access whatever information you choose!
Availability Available on the QR Code Generator Website
Key Features ·       Link your customers to URLs, vCards, Plain Text, Email, SMS, WiFi, Social Media Accounts, Images, Playlists, Bitcoin and more with one easily scannable QR Code.

·       Integrate your logo into your QR codes and pick from designs that will best match your company branding.

·       Basic insights included so you can see how many people have scanned your QR Code!

·       Simple to use software makes it easy to create QR codes for your business regardless of your technical ability.

·       Loads of online resources are available to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, and that you are using your QR Codes efficiently and effectively.

Prices and Plans For basic QR Code generating this app is absolutely free! Advanced Tools including detailed insights, more colour and design options and organised online storage can be accessed from £5 per month.
Biggest Pro It’s so straightforward! This aptly named App is so easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin.
Biggest Con Once you have made your QR Code, it cannot be edited with a free account. Not a big flaw, you just have to check your QR Code before you whack it all over your branding to make sure it takes you to the right place.


Not sure what a QR Code is? It’s almost like the evolution of the Barcode. And you can learn more by visiting the QR Code Generator Website: What is a QR Code?

REVIEW | The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage | Bridge Theatre | NT Live

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I can’t believe it was 18 years ago that I saw Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials from the National Theatre with incredible puppets provided by Blind Summit. I can still remember it vividly. I was gripped from start to finish and sat for 15 minutes after the show weeping in the stalls with my friend… until an old lady came and jabbed us with her stick… which I think was her way of gently encouraging us to leave.

Anyway… It’s safe to say I had immensely high hopes for this show!

And, wow, I was not disappointed!

by Manuel HarlanA prequel to the Northern Lights saga, La Belle Sauvage is the first in The Book of Dust trilogy, and shows Lyra’s start in life told through the eyes of Malcolm Polstead, portrayed wonderfully and seemingly effortlessly by Samuel Creasy.

As the Magisterium rises, so does the water level and Malcolm, along with his childhood enemy Alice, are forced to set off on an adventure protecting Lyra and the prophecy that comes with her.

Though relatively simply staged this production was brought to life with exquisite puppetry and seamlessly intertwined AV.

Barnaby Dixon’s puppetry makes its stage debut with incredibly delicate daemons (or animals whose souls and beings are interwoven with their humans, for those of you who haven’t read the books) are beautifully made in all white, lit from the inside and adding new dynamics to the Manuel Harlan

The video and animation from Luke Halls bring the stage to life with illustrations inspired by the book taking you on a journey from realistic locations to magical realms naturally and organically.

Strangely apt for the moment with undercurrents of extremist political rising, it is incredibly dark and powerful with the right amount of comic quips throughout, provided by writer Bryony Lavery, to lighten the mood and make this show an enchanting reimagining of Philip Pullman’s enthralling novel.

In these dark times we live in I encourage everyone to get lost in this fantasy universe in this production of pure brilliance.


The Arts Business Top Tips

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but it certainly bears repeating. Get creative with existing Children’s books. They already have a pre-existing fanbase and often authors are more than willing to work alongside theatre companies or creative businesses to help bring their work to life on a new level. And if not you can always take books from the canon, traditional classics, that are out of copyright and available to reinterpret to your heart’s content.
  • Utilising projection is a simple way of creating settings without having to design and build an enormous amount of scenery. Don’t get me wrong, the projection in this show is far from simple. You’d need a pretty solid team of animators and technicians to work wizardry like that created for La Belle Sauvage. But you can still achieve a similar aesthetic with a lower budget and think of the benefits. You’re spending a similar amount of money as you would upfront for set design and construction but when it comes to touring your show you have saved colossal amounts of space, time and therefore budget!
  • In case you hadn’t realised by now… I frigging LOVE PUPPETS! In my opinion, they make a great addition to literally any project ever! But it’s the puppets seen in La Belle Sauvage which are so exquisitely engineered which really take this production to the next level! Most of these puppets are created to be incredibly lifelike in their movements but, in most cases, are controlled with only one hand. This means they can be manipulated by the actor (from a budget perspective negating the cost of additional puppeteers) in a way that benefits their overall performance and characterisation. Beautiful and Brilliant!

The Pomodoro Technique: Stop Procrastinating and Get Working!

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If you’re anything like me, you have the attention span of an amoeba.

The tiniest shimmer of something shiny and I have written off the next hour to gaze into space or find a million other tiny jobs of little importance to do instead of work, or simply take a nap.

I’m forever looking for ways to improve my motivation to work and after a bit of googling and a lot of testing, I came across The Pomodoro Technique.

And it looks a little something like this:

  1. Pick a Task, or a couple, whatever you’ve got on that list of yours.
  2. Set a timer for 25 minutes.
  3. Work until that alarm goes off, and not a minute longer!
  4. Take a five-minute break, make a coffee, do some push ups, have a biscuit, whatever you’re into.
  5. Repeat 4 times then treat yourself to a longer break, say 15 minutes then half an hour.



Once you have set your Pomodoro timer make sure you don’t get distracted by things like checking your socials, emails or WhatsApp. Come back to that later, either on your break or add it to your list to be completed in one of your 25-minute slots.

If you complete your task within the 25-minute timer then Francesco Cirillo, the inventor of this time-management method, tells us to keep an ‘overlearning’ list so you utilise all of the time within your Pomodoro session rather than cutting it short. Or have a list of quick jobs you can bolt onto the end!

There are things you can do to refine The Pomodoro Technique so you can really maximise your sessions and achieve the most you possibly can in the same amount of time every day:

  • Break down unmanageable tasks – If something is going to take you more than 4-6 Pomodoros then break that task into more manageable chunks. That way you’ll make more progress and check more stuff off that list.
  • Make notes on your Pomodoro sessions – What distracted you? How much did you manage to get done? Look at both individual and daily sessions to really maximise your time management.
  • Learn how long tasks really take – When you start a task it is really easy to underestimate the amount of time things are going to take. By making notes on your Pomodoros you can start to budget your time for tasks better in the future.
  • Motivate yourself by making it a game – Try and earn an extra Pomodoro each day, allow yourself to reassess you’re your goals after each session or challenge yourself to complete a task in a certain number of Pomodoros. Make it fun!
  • Plan out your Pomodoros – at the beginning of each day assign a number of Pomodoro to each task, that way you’ve planned your whole day. You can even have a list of extras for if you finish everything up early, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make it to them.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Pomodoro Technique then you should check out the book by clicking here.

And as for what Pomodoro means… well it’s Italian for tomato!

Although what that has to do with the method, I’ve no idea, you’ll have to read the book!

If you’ve got other methods that work for you, please let us know in the comments! I’m always looking for ways to keep procrastination at bay.



APP OF THE MONTH: Experte Accessibility Checker

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Name Experte Accessibility Checker
Product Description One of the best ways to find out how accessible your website is, is to ensure that anyone, even the visually impaired, can make full use of your website.
Availability Available on the Experte Website.
Key Features ·       This tool checks out all the individual pages (or at least up to 500) on your website automatically so you don’t have to suffer the faff of individually copying and pasting each URL to check out the overall accessibility.

·       It assesses 41 features of your website over 8 different categories to ensure your website is reaching its full accessible potential. These include:

o   Ensuring your sites navigation is ship shape and easy to negotiate

o   Checking your individual HTMLs are descriptive and helpful for website exploration.

o   Looking at the names and labels of things like buttons and images to make sure they have apt and appropriate descriptions.

o   Testing the compatibility of tables and lists to check compatibility with Screen Reader software.

o   Performing colour contrasts analyses on your website to confirm visuals are easily distinguishable.

o   Scanning Video and Audio subtitles and descriptions checking for correct markups.

o   Reviewing the nationality of your site to see if a specific language has been specified to readers before they begin to read it.

Prices and Plans It’s absolutely free! Plus, they have loads of other awesome online software available.
Biggest Pro Unlike other tools, it covers most of your website at once! A great time saver if ever there was one.
Biggest Con That it only goes up to 500 pages! But if you’re a small or new business this shouldn’t be a problem! And once you get into the swing of refining your website features so it is accessible, it becomes more of a habit anyway, so you’ll need to review it less.

If you want to learn more about making your website accessible then read our article: 7 Ways to Make Your Website Accessible.

What’s great about spending time on the accessibility of your site is that a lot of the techniques will also boost your SEO, so it’s a double win for all your time and effort!

Bad Day Good Story: The Plastic Surgery

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“I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die, they will donate my body to Tupperware” – Joan Rivers 

When I was a kid I used to love playing on my own.  I would live my life in fantasy realms, frolicking alongside my toy friends exploring abandoned castles, royal palaces and stormy seas off on whirlwind adventures in my mind.  I trusted my toys completely!  To the moon and back!  And I knew they had absolute faith in my leadership in return.  They followed my every order!  Unless it involved any independent movement from them.  Then they would wait until I left the room before their magical work began… which I’m pretty sure makes Toy Story my idea. 

* * * 

I had left the crusts of my jam sandwiches.   

My mum told me they would give me curly hair if I ate them.  I believe this was meant to be an incentive, but little did she know this was actually a deterrent.  I was quite happy with my straight bowl cut thank you very much!   

I placed my Care Bears carefully around my plate and departed to allow them to eat in peace.  A foolproof plan!  The Care Bears would eat my crusts (especially Grumpy Bear, he was always hungry) and my Mum would be none the wiser.  Muahahahaha.  More importantly, for my three-year-old self, it would be undeniable truth they really were alive!  

A short while later I returned.  The Care Bears were exactly where I left them but the crusts?  Vanished!  A cynical minded adult would have me believe it was the cat’s afternoon snack, but I was much wiser than they!  I believed in fairy tales.  I knew the Care Bears would do anything for me.  Cast any spell.  Make any dream come true.

I leapt onto the dining room table and entered my dream world.  I was at the circus. 

I introduced my show to my Care Bears, now lined up as my audience.  “Roll up, Roll up!  Come and see The Amazing Ruth.” I was a very eloquent toddler.  They were enrapt by my words.  “Watch as she defies death on the amazing tightrope!” 

 I walked up and down the table, one foot directly in front of the other: The World’s Best Balancing Act. 

“And for my next stunt, The Amazing Ruth, The Incredible Magician, with help from her glamourous assistants,” I gestured towards my Care Bears, “Will attempt the trick you’ve all been waiting for… Walking on air!” 

I took one step off the table. 

I fell. 

* * * 

In The Care Bears Movie, they lived in the clouds.  More to the point my young brain had made, they walked on clouds.  The clouds frequently held their weight or cushioned their falls.  It was therefore abundantly clear, especially since I was convinced of their superpowers, that they would make clouds for me to walk on. 

Evidently, they did not. 


I will admit my memory gets a little hazy after that.  It is my understanding that the mind blocks out traumatic events to spare you reliving the fear and pain (like women and childbirth).  I personally think this is a ridiculous evolutionary trait as it inevitably ends up in you repeating said stupid act (like women and childbirth), or something incredibly similar in the future.   

As I frequently did… just read The Skipping Rope. 

This is how I have been reliably informed it played out: 

My mother came downstairs to screaming and found me lying in a pool of blood.  She rushed me to hospital and upon closer inspection of my injury, it was revealed my tooth had come through my bottom lip. 

“There’s nothing else for it,” the doctor told my parents. 

“You’ll have to put her down” joked my Dad (or I assume he did, this is absolutely the type of thing he would say). 

The doctor laughed, kindly (or sympathetically).  “No, no, no.  We’ll have to get in a plastic surgeon to fix up those cuts!”   


“Of course, if she was a boy we wouldn’t bother.  Boys love their battle scars!  But since she’s a girl I’m sure she’ll be worried about her appearance.  The plastic surgeon will set the scar discreetly.  It will be practically invisible.” 

I still have the scar.  Although, it is practically invisible.  The only time people notice is when I crack out this fun tale in bars (to hysterical laughter, naturally) and then point it out.  The one thing I can say though is thank God the NHS in the nineties was so colossally sexist or I could have ended up looking like Frankenstein’s Monster!   

That doctor was wrong though!  Girl’s love bragging about their war wounds too! 


Illustration by Kirstie Notman – Illustrator & Artist

REVIEW: Saving Britney | Fake Escape | The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

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For those of us who grew up in the nineties and noughties, it is nigh-on impossible that Britney Spears hasn’t been on your radar at some point or another. And in recent times Britney has come back to the forefront of our minds with the rise in the #FreeBritney movement.

Well, Fake Escape have really capitalised on this with their latest venture Saving Britney, a one-woman show following teen Jean through the tribulations of puberty with the legend that is Britney Spears by her side every step of the way

Jean is portrayed fearlessly by Shereen Roushbaini, who gives an accurate depiction of celebrity obsession integrating with a teenager navigating mental health problems and learning about sexuality, with a childlike naivety.

David Shopland, director and writer of Saving Britney, seamlessly intertwines this fictional biopic with Britney’s own story, told by an American journalist, and dance sequences where the audience can reminisce nostalgically about their youth spent singing along to Britney with a hairbrush in hand, drinking blue WKD.

This show is a must-see for anyone who loves Britney Spears or simply misses the simple days where we were listening to Walkmans, eating Kellogs Ricilcles and playing Snake on our Nokia 3210s.

Saving Britney is touring the UK until the end of March so head over to the Saving Britney Website to see if it’s coming to a venue near you.


The Arts Business Top Tips

  • It’s always a good idea to look to Current Affairs and in this case Celebrity News for what’s big when coming up with new ideas for your next project. The #FreeBritney has been at the forefront of showbiz affairs, as well as trending over socials on and off since it launched in 2008. From the topic choice alone Fake Escape has a great chance at organically boosting their SEO and utilising popular hashtags which will directly find the right target audience… which leads me to my next point…
  • Knowing your Target Audience: This show has pretty much nailed this criterion. Not only are those who were teenagers when Britney was bringing out music (which, whether they’re in denial or not is basically every nineties and noughties kid) but it also means their parents who were forced to listen to the tunes of Spears blasting out a cheap boom box from their child’s bedroom. And this Target Audience was reflected in the crowd at The Old Joint Stock.

New Year, New You!

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If you’re anything like me and the majority of people I have met who work in the creative industries you struggle with your fair share of mental health issues.

Even if this hasn’t been directly diagnosed all of us sail through the ordinary waves of the arts world from the ebbing beginning of an idea, drifting into the creation all the way to its presentation, rising to our fullest heights before crashing back down after the event, before discovering what we should pursue next.

The natural rise and fall of The Arts Business.

January tends to form one of these lows, whether the darkness and cold of the outside world rears its ugly head in the form of Seasonal Affective Disorder or our winter projects have come to their expected close and now, armed with our New Year’s Resolutions we’re out to seize 2022 but with little idea of where exactly to start.

It is therefore important to nurture yourself through these times.

So here are the places you can start!

Healthy Eating

I’m not gonna lie, I find this one incredibly difficult. I’m a food girl and when I’m sad or angry all I want is a family-sized packet of cheesy Doritos, a 200g bar of Galaxy and a glass of red wine.

But truthfully, when I’m counting calories, following a diet plan or consciously eating less doughnuts and more vegetables, I do genuinely feel better, both mentally and physically.

I think it’s to do with taking control of my actions. By having control of that small part of my life it allows me to gain more control of everything else.

I’m also slightly overweight (although aren’t we all after Christmas… and coronavirus), and being lighter gives me so much more energy along with such a great sense of achievement it is difficult not to feel happier.

Although it’s not all about what appears on those scales. It’s more about creating a healthier lifestyle and making smarter food choices. So, next time you’re at Maccies and you order yourself a Big Mac Meal, you probably don’t need the extra Chicken Mayo Burger and Crunchie McFlurry.

I track my calories on MyFitnessPal!



If you’re anything like me the very mention of the word exercise gives you horrendous flashbacks to running the 1500m at school for your rather large PE teacher who struggled to tie her shoelaces let alone jogging around the school field. But it releases endorphins improving your mood and lowering those stress levels. Ultimately it will make you healthier and happier, whatever you can squeeze into your schedule, every little helps.

That’s why you have to find the right form of exercise for you for me I like a variety. I love getting old school exercise DVDs and following along in my living room. I also like yoga and pilates, less cardio more strength building.

I love any form of exercise which creates the illusion you’re playing a game, so RingFit on the Nintendo Switch is great for me. But if you can’t afford a new games console, take a look at the older models in CeX. The Xbox 360 Kinnect has some great options from Harry Potter and Star Wars spin-offs, an adapted version of Fable for the true gamers or some actual exercise games from the likes of Nike and The Biggest Loser. The WiiFit was also bloody brilliant! And both of these are pretty affordable options.

Finally, at the start of covid… you know… back when it was a novelty… and we thought it would be over in a few months… like many others, I started Couch to 5K. And made it all the way through to 8 weeks where you run for 20 minutes without stopping! (Furthest I’ve ever run in my life.) And believe it or not, after only a few weeks of completely resenting running, I actually began to enjoy it. My body expected a run and was ready for it

Mindfulness & Meditation

I put these in the same category as they can be seen as a little wanky… but there are loads of different techniques and styles of mindfulness and meditation and, like exercise, you need to figure out which methods suit you.

I have a friend who told me the story of their mindfulness philosophy:

“I was walking through the park on my way to work and I saw a good looking tree. I thought to myself, ‘Now, that is one lovely tree,’ and went to continue. But then I thought, ‘No, don’t pass this tree by, why is it a lovely tree?’ And I pondered on its branches, the roots, the leaves, the age, the colours… and then I carried on with my day feeling just a little bit lighter.”

The best explanation of mindfulness I have ever heard! Both in its simplicity and its hilarity.

He’s not wrong though. Mindfulness is appreciating the positives in the world around you and meditation is how you switch off or divert the thoughts in your head for some well-deserved quiet time.

Find methods that suit you, I love listening to audiobooks using Audible and to ensure I’m fully engaged when I’m meditating I will repeat the words out loud after they have been said so my brain is focusing both on the task and the content, driving unwanted thoughts from my head.

If you’re looking for some beginners guides I love the Headspace app myself, so whether it’s reading, binge-watching your favourite series, taking a long walk or spending an hour in the bath, you’re bound to adapt mindfulness practise into a way that suits you.

Binge Queer Eye

Yes, this is a very specific direction but there are few things in this world that make me feel better about myself than watching these fabulous queens on Queer Eye with Netflix.

The Queer Eye peeps are so positive about everyone! They are really pro self-care but not in a way that detracts from your life or changes you as a person, just in helping you maintain the person that you are.

It is impossible to not be filled with a new bout of self-love and appreciation after watching even just one episode, so if you haven’t already, give it a go, and if you have, the new seasons just come out!

Read Unf**k Your Brain

When going into battle it is important to be fully equipped with all the possible intel you can acquire on your enemy so that you know exactly how to combat it.

That is exactly why if you’re struggling with any form of mental health problems you should read this book!

Unf**k Your Brain is by Faith G. Harper and uses science to help you learn to get over anxiety, depression, anger, freak-outs and triggers. And it is written in a very matter of fact and down to earth way, making it easy to understand and informative in a way that feels like you’re in a pub chatting to your mates, not just being spoken down to by a so-called expert.

And there you have it, just a few ways to smash the beginning of your year!

If even just one of these little things can have a positive impact on your lifestyle then I would love to know I’ve helped, so drop me a comment or message on social!


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Name Audacity
Product Description By far the best, cross-platform, professional, audio editing software available online and the best thing? It’s absolutely free!
Availability Available from the Audacity website
Key Features ·       It’s available on pretty much every single mainstream operating system.·       Use it to record live sound through a mic, mixer or direct recording of digital sounds.

·       Import sound files from anywhere and everywhere and export your audio files in multiple formats at once.

·       Provides an excellent sound quality: 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit. For those who have no idea what I mean, sound quality is measured in bits kind of like how image quality is measured in pixels.

·       It supports loads of plugins (or a programme which can be added to a piece of existing software to serve a specific function or purpose).

·       Really simple editing functionality where you can copy, cut, paste and delete as well as saving all your individual editing steps so you can undo and redo every minor detail to your heart’s content.

·       They have loads of special effects available right at your fingertips including fades, reverbs, distortion, track repair, click tracks, noise reduction and so much more!

·       It is super easy to use with loads of quick mouse moves and keyboard shortcuts to manipulate your tracks simply and quickly.

·       Built-in analysis to allow you to visualise the different frequencies of your tracks.

Prices and Plans It is completely free software promoting free speech!
Biggest Pro Other than the fact it’s free, it comes with a frequently updated, easy to use and incredibly detailed user manual! Take a look at the online guide for Audacity here.
Biggest Con If you’re not knowledgeable on sound editing vernacular you might find some elements of this software tricksy but if you’re looking to upgrade your skillsets just get googling and YouTubing and reading that online guide and you’ll be a sound editing whizz before you know it.

Whether you’re setting up a podcast (like us), editing sound for a movie, a music track, a theatre show or an installation, whatever it may be, this is the best one available and will come at no expense to you and your company! It’s also a great new talent to add to the CV.

What do you use Audacity for? Let us know in the comments below.

Bad Day Good Story: The Fallen Soldier

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“The cars we drive say a lot about us.” – Alexandra Paul

It was an idyllic summers day. I had just finished a long and hard job full of eighty-hour weeks and rainy days (as are the qualms of working in outdoor theatre).  It was time to sort my life out before my next contract which was merely one week away.

The morning had been a constructive one.  First thing I drove to Warwick to drop off my car for her MOT before continuing to the office to retrieve my remaining belongings and say my final goodbyes.

It was 9.30 am.  The sun was shining, and I had already achieved so much!  Nothing to do now but wait until the garage rang and informed me that Lisbeth (my green Nissan Micra) was ready to collect.  Time to treat myself!

I headed for Jephson Gardens book in one hand, Magnum in the other and set up camp under the dappled shade of a beautiful beech and began to read.

I hadn’t felt this completely relaxed in months.  Ice cream demolished and first chapter smashed I lay back, cushioned by the grass, completely at peace…

… then my phone rang.

“Ruth?” It was my mum. “I’ve got some bad news.”


I quickly fell from nirvana and back to earth with a start.

Whenever my Mum says “I’ve got some bad news” it was serious.  This means someone I love is dead or dying.

I trod carefully. “OK?”

“It’s Lisbeth.”  My heart plummeted right through the bottom of my stomach.  “She’s not gonna make it through her MOT.”

* * *

Lisbeth was my first car.  The car I learnt to drive in.  She had been with me through thick and thin.  Trips to and from college during the week and parties for 18th birthdays on the weekends.  My uni companion, accompanying me to Edinburgh, playing the moving van for countless students ferrying possessions from flat to flat, a key member of Cobweb Theatre Company carrying costume, props and sets, the late-night taxi service for emergency cake runs and the best hotel when long, late-night drives were too much. Then essential to my stage management freelancing career, cruising from venue to venue, company to company, theatre to theatre, an essential asset and a firm friend. And now, she was gone!

* * *

I had a few more days with her before the MOT certificate expired. A few more drives.  A few more mixtapes to blast out that killer stereo system.  And then the mighty Lisbeth breathed her last.

But that wasn’t enough for me, I needed something to remember her by.  A keepsake.

I left the house, screwdriver in hand, ready to remove her number plate.  Something I could keep forever.  I popped the caps off to reveal the screws and took a firm grasp on the bottom of the plate… and it fell off in my hand.

Hmm, on the other hand, it was probably time.

Illustration by Kirstie Notman – Illustrator & Artist

PRESS RELEASE: Runt of the Litter presents Little Things You Learn

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Tuesday 28th September at 7pm
Wednesday 29th September at 7pm
Tickets: £6.50 | Concessions: £4.50
Running Time: 45 minutes

Audience warnings: Single bad word, flashing lights.

When four strangers that were once siblings are reunited by an unfortunate event, they are plunged into a fantastical world. A place where their memories are a reality and their childhood is revived. A safe space to explore what happened all that time ago. Little Things YouLearn uses children’s imagination as a vessel to explore attachment in its many forms.

This whimsical world is a visual feast of colour and makeshift storytelling. Little Things You Learn is a reverse coming of age tale stooped in nostalgia, full of bittersweet accounts that will make you both laugh and cry.