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REVIEW: Corona Cutie: A Digital Quest for Love | Spotlight MT

6th-30th August | On Demand | Fringe Player | Get Tickets


This new musical explores the ordeals of finding love and keeping sane in a locked-down world. It’s created using simply filming and editing techniques tied in with comic book style graphics to ask why pandemics don’t feature in romcoms?

I am a firm believer that if you write a show around current affairs along with what’s trending around you and stick it in a musical you are bound to attract a fringe audience, which is exactly what Spotlight MT has done.

Mom, that one annoying person who’s doing really well in lockdown training for 10ks, constantly meeting mates online and annoyingly optimistic tells their introverted daughter who is living alone and wonders what they can find to do once they’ve tidied their room, to get dating!

There are some catchy songs including ‘Whatever I Say,’ a dark, jazzy look at creating your dating profile and ‘Alive,’ about how it’s okay not to be okay, as long as you stand tall and keep going.

Spotlight MT has developed the perfect platform to showcase this group of new graduates with fantastic voices singing to the great score developed by Lucy Gellar. In a world with limited creative opportunities, they have made their own and show young creatives everywhere that you don’t need to be a film wizard, a sound pro or a costume designer to get your concept across, so long as you have a passionate team to work with.

Graduates should take note that this work was created with the support of the Marian and Charles Holmes Performing Arts Fund, a small funding body from Claremont College where these grads and students have done their training. These funding solutions exist so don’t be afraid to ask your college or university if they have any options you could apply for to help you show off your ideas!

A great work in progress from this inspiring group of individuals. I have no doubt you all have careers ahead of you if this is your beginning!

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