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REVIEW: Paperwork | Ft. Marion Barron, Trevor Davies and Ruth Thomas

Aug 8-18 | 11am-5pm | Whitespace 76 | More Info

The sixth event of its kind Paperwork has popped up again, this time in Whitespace 76 featuring artists Marion Barron, Trevor Davies and Ruth Thomas.

All the artists share a thematic link in the way they use materials and the overall impact and colours that or emitted from the pieces that emanate around the room as you take in the space.

My favourite collage has to be Memories Contained a sculpture built from driftwood and wire containing tiny scrolls of paper safely preserving the artist’s recollections.

There’s something calming and serene about slowly absorbing the beautiful collage work contained in the space, which is beautifully curated.

A great opportunity for some downtime during the Fringe if you are looking to ground yourself back in reality and take a little self-care time. You’re bound to leave feeling refreshed and energised.

The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • Firstly, showcasing local artists in local venues immediately creates a local buzz around any locals who are interested in the local arts scene. (I promise I won’t say local again… local.) If you target your audience by location (especially at the moment when travel is so restricted) you are more likely to get the crowds in.
  • Secondly, featuring artists who work with similar materials and in similar styles really tie your gallery together making your collection cohesive and your brand clear. You will also appeal to a more niche audience who are interested in this particular style of art creation, in this case: Paperwork.
  • And finally, having the artists on-site to discuss their work with visitors really helps anyone who enters to feel relaxed and get a clearer idea of the meaning of the works inside. They are of course the experts of their own work and their biggest cheerleaders.
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