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REVIEW: FunBox: Back to the Fringe | DH Promotions

Aug 11-15 | 10.30am | Multistory | Get Tickets


As the only live children’s show I could find at the Edinburgh Fringe this year which is catering to kids from age 0+ I booked this primarily for my friend’s 9-month-old baby knowing very little about it, and the thing I learnt is that Funbox are an utter delight.

I’m reliably informed by my Scottish friends that FunBox bring back all the memories and nostalgia of The Singing Kettle which (for those of you as uninformed in Scottish Children’s entertainment as myself) are a folk band who have a BAFTA for Best Children’s Television Show and had multiple successful theatre tours around the whole of Scotland.

Filled with sing-a-long songs, jokes for both grownups and kids and flamboyant characters this show really caters to every age, which you could see from the active engagement of all the children present.

Whether it was the bright colours of larger-than-life Bonzo the dog mesmerising the bairns, the hilarious audience interaction enchanting the older kids or the ridicule of Dominic Cummings for the adults, this show is the epitome of fun for all the family.

Come and turn the key to open the FunBox and see what you might find!


The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • This show is traditional children’s entertainment at its absolute best. Kevin Macleod essentially gives a masterclass in the art form so if you want to understand how to entertain children of all ages you should take inspiration from this show.
  • Funbox has created a brilliant show format that can be easily updated for new tours with new material whilst maintaining the general structure of the production. This basically means once you’ve come up with your first show the research and development is all in place for all future performances. It’s a clever bit of construction. The audience also becomes familiar with the format and keeps coming back for more!
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