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REVIEW: Sugar | Mabel Thomas

Aug 6-30 | On Demand | Online@theSpaceUK | Get Tickets


A new writing, from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduate Mabel Thomas, spanning a decade of a young girl’s escapades through puberty as she attempts to understand what it is to be empowered as a woman.

Is female empowerment the act of taking control over men? Is it found in ignoring silly, immature, little boys? Or do you need to one-up men to find the ultimate strength as a woman? And will this journey truly lead to happiness?

There’s a lot of good theatre in this show. Mabel Thomas gives an impassioned performance on a topic which is clearly very important to her. The way the piece is edited is uniquely original giving it a mockumentary, monologue feel. And the aesthetic created is perfect to universally reflect a young girl’s bedroom and could be taken from any point in the characters teenage years.

A great show for premiering at the Fringe and I can’t wait to see what she does next!


The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • Write about what inspires you! Especially if you’re an actor. This will make it easy for you to relate and adapt to the material and generally provide a strong and believable performance.
  • If you’re stuck in your bedroom, don’t be afraid to make theatre in your bedroom. It was most definitely the perfect setting for Sugar and I imagine if it toured into venues the bedroom would be recreated for the stage, so pretty much a win all round!
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