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REVIEW: Alex – Or What Happened on the Train to London | Alex and The Cast

Aug 6-30 | On Demand | C Arts | Get Tickets


A train to London stops in its tracks, a mysterious package has been left on a seat and a group of strangers are forced into conversation discussing their own personal journeys which have led them to this point.

The music in this show is completely original and superbly devised with beautiful harmonies and some distinctive tunes. The excellent singing ability of the cast can really shine through the arrangements and composition.

The storyline is simple, similarly to Come From Away, we learn about the characters both individually and as a whole cast, learning the events which have brought them together on this fateful day.

A few story elements need a bit more thought, like that mysterious suitcase. I suspect the cast is too young to have lived through the devasting events of the 7/7 bombings in London, but I can assure you an unattended piece of luggage would be taken far more seriously, most likely being the reason for the train stopping.

But please don’t take this negatively, although a little naïve it’s brimmed with talent and potential.

If Alex and Company take this further, they should consider exploring this and incorporating it into your characters and action. An exciting company and one to keep an eye on, I suspect there is greatness in many of their futures!


The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • Try to make your show as accessible as possible! This show has an unfortunate issue with sound balance, and it can be difficult to hear the lyrics and dialogue, which is a shame because they have a lot to say. If you’re not in a position to rerecord or alter the sound in post-production a super quick fix here would be to add some subtitles, it’s pretty easy and would immediately improve both the accessibility and audience understanding of the show. And why not use the medium of film to your advantage.

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