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REVIEW: Thistles, Sunflowers and Dreamscapes | Diana Savova

Aug 6-30 | 10am-8pm | Scottish Storytelling Centre | More Info

As we’ve struggled through lockdown, most of us have been on the inside looking out. We’ve been dreaming about travel and desperately imagining how life is like now in, what once were frequently visited and admired places and now seem like almost a distant memory.

In her first major solo show in five years, Edinburgh-based artist Diana Savova takes this one step further in her collection of wonderfully whimsical acrylics that take classic landscapes of Edinburgh, integrating images of folklore and myth to creatively reimagine what may have happened in the city when no one has been watching.

This exhibition is pure joy, filled with a positive outlook and had some serious Chagall vibes. The artwork has a way of making you feel lighter just by viewing the vibrant colours and magnificent stories being told. A true reminder that whatever life throws at us we can find little pieces of magic everywhere, if only we remember to look.

The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • The perfect exhibition in the perfect place at the perfect time! These paintings tell tales of Edinburgh so what better place for them to hang than in the centre of town, on the Royal Mile at The Scottish Storytelling Centre in the Edinburgh Fringe, as we start to see light at the end of the tunnel from the old corona! It’s all about location and timing so I would be incredibly surprised if both Artist and Venue didn’t do remarkably well out of this joint venture!
  • Bright colours have a way of creating immediate happiness, so when the world has lived through a massive depression and shared trauma (generally speaking) audiences are desperately seeking escapist entertainment which is what this exhibition provides.
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