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REVIEW: Blind Mirth presents Sex with Me! | Blind Mirth

Aug 11-14 | 16.05 | theSpace @ Surgeons Hall | Get Tickets


If you haven’t seen some improvisational comedy in Edinburgh, then you haven’t done the fringe properly! And what better way to watch than with these improv fringe veterans, Blind Mirth from St Andrews University!

First half improv games, to get you in the swing of exactly what their company is about, second half fully improv-ed play there is something for any fringe goer to enjoy.

Highlights include a police interview in which our suspect must guess the crime, location, and accomplice from her interrogator’s conversation, a Mock the Week staple inspired from scenes we’d like to see, like which prime ministers are the worst at their job, or why sex with Blind Mirth is like a watermelon and an ask me anything (about sandwiches) machine.

Always very funny and featuring a couple of cast members with absolute stand out talent, this is completely worth your time this fringe!

Although their long-form storytelling was a little bit ropey the best thing about this performance by far is the fact that despite the difficulties of the last year they’re down here and their doing it and they’re having the best time! And their energy is completely contagious.

Today is your last day to see it, but I don’t doubt they’ll be back next year!


The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • If you have any creative interests and you’re a university student, no matter what it is you’re taking, get involved! Go through your student union and see what groups are available to you. If there’s nothing catering exactly to what you want, then start your own society. Student Unions are separately funded to unis themselves and, if you have a compelling enough society idea, they have pots of money put aside especially for you to explore this! And it is relatively easy to establish. Whilst I was at uni myself and fellow students established two student theatre companies through our SU and created work we simply wouldn’t have had the option to if it was left to our own funding.

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