REVIEW: Fantastic Creatures of Edinburgh and Where to Find Them! | Edinburgh Treasure Hunts

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Aug 6-30 | Varied Times | Edinburgh Treasure Hunts | Get Tickets for the Tour which is on all year round!

With Edinburgh like a home from home for me, I am constantly looking for new experiences to remind me about the beauty of this city and see it through fresh eyes, which is exactly what this Treasure Hunt did!

This experience involves reading a map and navigating the streets of Old Town, a great way for tourists to learn the ins and outs of the city and get their bearings, to try and spot things which may otherwise go unnoticed.

I loved it! Never before have I spent so much time looking up trying to solve puzzles and take in the intricate details the city holds. And I have certainly not noticed just how many griffins feature in the stonework of different buildings!

Edinburgh Treasure Hunts not only offers a Fantastic Beasts tour, but it also has a Secret Sherlock Challenge and A Pirate’s Riddle to solve!

A unique twist on a ‘normal’ tour done which is very cleverly compiled and executed.


The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • Is there a way you can put a unique twist on a product or service to make it stand out in an already saturated market? There are so many tours available in Edinburgh, but this one has managed to sell out the Edinburgh Fringe which is a simply astonishing achievement! So, if you work in an already thriving industry think about a simple detail that could make your offering different and (especially in the case of this tour) wildly saleable.