REVIEW: Colour | Julia Krone

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Aug 9-10, 12-17, 19-24, 26-30 | 10am-7pm | Number One Clarence Street | More Info

If you’ve wandered around Edinburgh this Fringe you might just have wondered where all the people are. Well, I have the answer… they’ve migrated to Stockbridge.

And in the hubbub of this wee town on the outskirts of Edinburgh is a brilliant new gallery: Number One Clarence Street. It’s run by a delightful husband and wife team, showcasing the works of Julia Krone.

As you enter this art space your eyes are accosted by colour, and lots of it. And along with this effervescence comes an overwhelming sense of positivity!

Of all the exhibitions I’ve been to this month this one encaptures the true heart and soul of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival both in its use of vibrant colours and unique patterns, even incorporating Summerhall Programme covers from 2019 into her collage work.

Such a welcoming environment and just an altogether special experience which kickstarted my fringe and reignited my festival fire.

The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • This gallery isn’t just offering current paintings, prints and postcards. Julia Krone has transformed her latest canvases into printed fabrics, both available to buy by the metre and whipped up into the perfect statement throw cushions. Is there any way you could diversify your stock or merchandise? If you make more varied price points visitors are more likely to make a purchase. By placing such a high-quality product in between the price of greeting cards and prints, Number One Clarence Street has created feasible upselling opportunities.
  • Location can mean the difference between success and failure so by placing a gallery en route from Dundas Street (where all the private galleries in Edinburgh seem to be located) to Stockbridge, Number One Clarence Street have found the ideal place. If your business needs premises it is so important to do your research and pick the perfect location to suit it.