REVIEW: The Little Glass Slipper as Performed by the Queen of France and Her Friends | The Miles Sisters | Edinburgh Fringe Online

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Want the Fringe Experience but can’t make it to Edinburgh? Well, following with the program of 2020 and 2021 the Edinburgh Fringe has continued with its online shows… enter The Miles Sisters.

It’s the eve of the French revolution and Marie Antoinette has trapped herself in her dressing room, not because of the riots, but because she is nervous for the opening night of her show The Little Glass Slipper. Follow the story as the courtiers struggle with the ultimate decision, to remain and support their Queen or to flee and save themselves.

The play combines a onstage and offstage conflict in an imaginatively filmed performance. While onstage the cast does what they can to continue driving the action of the Queen’s play forward, often to hilarious consequences. Backstage they are scared, frantically arguing about the rise of violence in Paris which is coming for them in Versailles.

The gaggle of ladies maids have a comedic vibe which harks to that of the three witches in Hocus Pocus levering comedy within a dark story as both relief for the audience and the character of Marie Antoinette. Clever writing from Carla Johnston portrays farcical moments from the companions distracting our heroine from the true problems at hand to allow her to continue with her retelling of Cinderella.

Marie Antoinette is poiniently portrayed growing from a naïve and selfish actor whose only worry is how the audience will enjoy their play to a willing victim climaxing with a brave and dignified self sacrifice for the good of the country.

Overall, a great offering to Fringe all of which can be witnessed from the comfort of your living room!

The Arts Business Top Tips:

  • A Unique Combo – By combining a reimagining of a classic Fairy-tale with an iconic moment in history, not only does it make your offering unique but it creates intrigue in potential audiences turning it from a maybe into a must see.
  • Using Dark Theatres – Remember theatres are predominantly only used during the evening, that means during the day, they can be up for grabs (assuming they don’t have some enormous set plonked on them.) Remember something like this can be a great opportunity for both your company or brand and your chosen theatre so work out something mutually beneficial to allow you to use the space outside of peak time.